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What makes PRINVEST-K International L.L.C. unique.


PRINVEST-K International L.L.C. is authorized by different Kosovar and international factories, specialized in management and export of their products. Prinvest is also a shareholder in various factories.


PRINVEST trades with the products of following fields:

  • Textile,
  • Metal Constructions,
  • Wood-processing,
  • Colors, PVC-ALU: windows and doors,
  • plastic products
  • and others etc.


PRINVEST offers external IT services, for Software Development, Apps, Web Design, Web Development, Programming, SAP etc. Due to low costs (low wages, low taxes etc.) in the Republic of Kosova, we can offer low prices for external IT services. Your advantages, Fast and uncomplicated, you can be implemented through us for your customers, IT services at low prices. In German and English language.



PRINVEST implements different projects in different countries through our appropriate teams. We offer the installation and Construction companies in Germany and other countries our experts for the implementation of different projects with our products.



The PRINVEST – Investment and Management Department is a specialized team, This team is specialized to advise companies who want to invest in Kosova or Kosovan companies who want to penetrate in the international market. This team is consistsed of licensed financial auditor and investment expert, lawyer, etc. PRINVEST performs all procedures to proper institutions in the respective countries for the opening and the branch, business registration, obtaining licenses etc. While the service department is a specialized team for the delivery and external services such as new online services secretariat, financial accounting, sending letters, offers, invoices on behalf of the customer and receiving calls.